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Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Playing Fact or Fiction with Josh Hamilton's White-Hot Start

This is the Josh Hamilton the Los Angeles Angels thought they were getting. Alas, after paying the five-time All-Star $125 million over five years in December 2012, the 32-year-old's start to 2013 was as cold as his 2014 beginning has been hot.

Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton Help the Real Angels Offense Show Up in Blowout

Sometimes, when you just can't buy any hits and you really feel the need to find yourself, the best thing to do is pay a visit to the Houston Astros.

It worked for the Los Angeles Angels, anyway.

Josh Hamilton Injury: Updates on Angels Star's Calf and Return

The beginning stages of spring training led to a rather ominous development for the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday, as star outfielder Josh Hamilton suffered a strained left calf during baserunning drills.'s Alden Gonzalez reported news of the injury and noted that Hamilton was on crutches:

Offseason Moves the Angels Can Make to Compensate for Albert Pujols' Decline

If the owner of your favorite baseball team has a "win at all cost" attitude, that's usually a good thing, right? Yes! Being aggressive and spending money has paid off for many eventual World Series champions. But it's also resulted in some very dire situations, notably in the case of Arte Moreno and the Los Angeles Angels

Carlos Marmol and the 5 Biggest Team Distractions in MLB

Carlos Marmol was a big distraction for the Chicago Cubs before being demoted Tuesday.

Josh Hamilton's Wife Had to Call Security in Star's Return to Arlington

Josh Hamilton’s wife Katie had some problems at the Rangers game on Friday.

According to Scott Miller of, Katie had to call for security at the Ballpark in Arlington as Hamilton's new team, the Los Angeles Angels, took on his old one, the Texas Rangers. It continues:

Josh Hamilton Goes Hitless in First Game vs. Rangers Since Signing with Angels

Josh Hamilton went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts in his debut against the Texas Rangers Friday afternoon in Arlington.

The 31-year-old outfielder, who signed a five-year, $125 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels in December, has now gone 1-for-16 to start the season, including eight strikeouts.

MLB Players Whose Life Stories Would Make Must-See Movies

A number of players in the big leagues can wow fans with their performances on the field, but some of them also have incredibly interesting backstories about their road to the major leagues.

Many players have had to deal with personal issues or injuries and have persevered to reach the MLB. Movies have been made about players like this in the past, such as The Rookie, which was based on Jim Morris' career.

Josh Hamilton's Cheap Shot at Rangers Fans Latest Proof He Needs PR Coaching

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton has the game on the field pretty well mastered. He has tremendous natural talent, and he can look like the game's best player when he's in a groove.

Teams Who Pose the Greatest Threat to Nationals' World Series Hopes

After an early exit from the playoffs last season, the Washington Nationals won't have an easy road back this year, with a number of teams in the MLB poised for a trip to the World Series.

Arguably the best team in the regular season in 2012, the Nationals are ready to make a deep push into the playoffs, but several other teams have that same goal.


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