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Matt LaPorta

Matt LaPorta

The Problem: Cleveland Indians Slugger Matt LaPorta's Scuffling Offense

Welcome to a series on the Cleveland Indians entitled "The Problem" where we examine one issue surrounding the current club. Although there is probably more than one problem with the Indians, you have to fix issue at a time.

Today's problem is Matt LaPorta and the horrific numbers he's put together offensively. Not only is the power not there, he flat out is one of the worst overall hitters on the club.

He's been a dependent rally killer when in the lineup and the reason for a lot of run-producing failures.

Tribe Talk: Why Can't We Just Play the White Sox Every Day?

Welcome to Tribe Talk, where Bleacher Report's Tribe fans weigh in on the ups and downs of the Indians each week throughout the season.

This week, we devise strategies for defeating Minnesota and Oakland, discuss the best and worst stadiums in the American League, and just this once, we cut Mark Shapiro a break.

I would like to thank this week's participants Dale Thomas, Scott Miles, and Jon Sladek for their contributions. This discussion is open to all, so please feel free to comment below and pitch in your thoughts on the questions we're addressing this week.


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