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Rule 21: "...Not in the Best Interest of Baseball"

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is on the precipice of game changing decision...

How will the "Steroid Era" and the Mitchell Report impact future HOF stars Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds?

Normally, this question is answered with a bevy of options from suspensions to rehab. Those aren't going to be enough this time around. Yes, people have admitted they made mistakes and people have said they are sorry.

Alex Rodriguez: Don't Look Now, But Here Comes the Boomerang

Don't hate the writer, but I was right about A-Rod.

He had his cyst drained but now it appears that there is more damage and he won't be able to play through the pain. The damage to the labrum is more severe than expected. It had to be because the Yankees pulled him out of the WBC.

If he was able to play with the pain he should be playing in the WBC. It is no different than playing the Spring Training games.


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