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How Each Top-15 MLB Free Agent Will Be Replaced by Former Team in 2017

All 30 MLB teams have holes to fill this offseason, but for teams set to lose one of the market's marquee free agents, those holes are a bit more glaring.

How will the Toronto Blue Jays replace Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, a duo that has been among the most dangerous in all of baseball over the past several seasons?

The Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationalsall teams expected to be contenders once again in 2017are set to lose their respective closers. Will we see a shuffling of relief aces among those teams, or will someone else swoop in and shake things up?

The Baltimore Orioles let the AL home run leader walk two years ago when Nelson Cruz signed with the Seattle Mariners. Will they do the same with Mark Trumbo?

There is no shortage of questions surrounding what teams will do in the aftermath of losing a top-tier free agent.

With that in mind, ahead is a look at the options teams have—both in-house and on the free-agent and trade markets—for filling the voids left behind by the free-agent market's top 15 players.

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