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Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz to Mariners: Latest Trade Details, Comments and Reaction

The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired veteran catcher Carlos Ruiz from the Philadelphia Phillies in August, but they elected to trade him to the Seattle Mariners on Sunday.

Playing Fact or Fiction with All of MLB's Hottest Week 21 Buzz and Rumors

A month ago, it looked like the defending World Series champions, the Kansas City Royals, were nothing more than an afterthought in the playoff picture. As we prepare to head into the final month of baseball's regular season, though, the Royals sit in the thick of the AL playoff race.

But Kansas City isn't the only team making noise. Has an untimely injury knocked a contender out of the running? Does a slugger's desire to stay with his current team mean that he will?

We'll hit on all that and more in this week's edition of Fact or Fiction. 

2014 MLB Free Agents: Low-Profile Signings That Could Make a Big Difference

While the hype surrounding Major League Baseball's free agency period tends to focus on well-known and high-profile players, smaller signings are often just as important.

In a way, low-profile signings can be the difference between a championship team and one that is out of any race before September. 

What Will Philadelphia Phillies Lineup Look Like Once Carlos Ruiz Returns?

The Philadelphia Phillies lineup saw minimal changes through the first 15 games of the regular season, with both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the batting order together in April for the first time since 2010.

Of course, all the Phillies had to show for these returns was a 6-9 record after April 17 and a 6.5 game deficit behind the Atlanta Braves in first place.

Philadelphia Phillies 2013: 7 Bold Predictions for the Phils' 2013 Season

There is a unique feeling for Philadelphia fans entering the 2013 season.  Much of the talent that helped the team win 102 games in 2011 remains, but the bitter taste of the 2012 season remains strong.  Ruben Amaro has quietly filled the team's needs, avoiding the flashy free-agent signing or blockbuster trade that has marked seasons past.  The team appears poised to compete, but there is more uncertainty surrounding this team than there has been in many years.

Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Reasons to Believe the Phillies Can Still Take NL East

At the quarter pole of the 2012 season, the Philadelphia Phillies find themselves in unfamiliar territory—staring up at the rest of the National League East.  And while the Phightins are off to their slowest start in the last five years, there's still reason to believe Philadelphia can claim its sixth consecutive division crown.  

Here are five good reasons to believe.

Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Players Making Statements in 2012

After starting out 2012 sluggishly, the Philadelphia Phillies have put the pedal to the medal over the last week, winning six straight games and seven out of eight against San Diego, Houston, Chicago, and now Boston.

Carlos "Chooch Train" Ruiz Keeps on Rolling

Its election time again.  Philadelphians know what that means. 

Vote early.  Vote often.

This is not about city council, though.  Nor is it about blue and red states. 

It certainly has nothing to do with the mayor’s office.

The constituency is located in Ashburn Alley.  The candidates wear white with cherry pinstripes.     

Balloting is underway for this year’s MLB All Star game. 

Carlos Ruiz: Chooocherific in Philadelphia Phillies' 10-2 Win over Atlanta

For the first six innings of today's game, it looked like it would come down to the last frame. Roy Oswalt and Brandon Beachy were plugging away, maneuvering in out of trouble through the early going.

However, in the top of the seventh the Philadelphia Phillies' offense finally cracked the code. 

Chase Utley Injury: 11 Wacky Predictions for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2011

The Philadelphia Phillies are expected to be the class of the National League in 2011. 

With Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt, the Phillies have perhaps the most fearsome pitching rotation, on paper, in the modern baseball era.

Philadelphia has been installed as 13-to-4 favorites to win the World Series. The Phillies are overwhelming 1-to-4 favorites to take the National League pennant. 

The over/under on their win total has been placed at 96, which is also the best mark for any team in the league in the preseason. 


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