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Fantasy Baseball 2017 Cheat Sheet: Draft Tips, Rankings and Prospects to Know

Once the calendars flip to a new year, the following statement becomes true: It's never too early to start preparing for your fantasy baseball draft.

Consider this your go-to guide for the weeks ahead. We'll delve into the top players at every position and hit on a handful of prospects you'll want to know about—both to include in your Opening Day lineup and those you'll want to stash for use later in the season. For good measure, we'll toss in a handful of draft tips as well.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 26

Fantasy baseball's finish line is well in sight.

One week remains on MLB's schedule. Although keep in mind that any tiebreaker game—a real possibility in both leagues' wild-card races—classifies as a regular-season contest. As a result, any stats accrued count in fantasy leagues.

Without any long-term ramifications, managers should feel no loyalty to anyone. Don't like a decent pitcher's matchup? Dump him for someone scheduled to tussle against a lesser adversary. 

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 25

It's probably too late to add two of fantasy baseball's most intriguing waiver-wire candidates.

Although it feels like years ago, Taijuan Walker caused giddy drafters to pat themselves on the back after posting a 1.44 ERA, 25 strikeouts and three walks in April. As everyone rejoiced the Seattle Mariners starter's breakout, his season unraveled.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 23

It's time to give fantasy baseball managers their annual reminder: Baseball doesn't end once football begins.

The college season commenced on Saturday, and the NFL will follow this week. Meanwhile, MLB is five months and roughly 130-135 games into its campaign. It takes resilience to avoid complacency in favor of football, which offers a fresh slate of unlimited possibilities.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 22

Life would be much easier if fantasy baseball leagues followed MLB rules.

When the calendar flips to September, the league's roster limit magically increases from 25 to 40. The added flexibility makes life much easier for managers, especially when delegating a bullpen and National League bench.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 21

Not every fantasy baseball pickup needs to be flashy. When hunkering down for a title run, owners just need players who get the job done.

Most of this week's waiver-wire recommendations meet that mold. They're not all buzzy adds, but they're delivering to little fanfare. If they keep it up, these unheralded gems can ignite a championship push.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 20

Tepidness isn't a trait fantasy baseball managers can exude during the final weeks of a championship run.

There's no time to keep waiting for disappointments to turn the corner. The trade deadline has passed in most leagues, so gamers now have limited methods to fortify their rosters.

Anyone searching for a spark will have to rummage the waiver wire for unheralded gems. 

Bleacher Report's Guide to Acing Your 2016 Fantasy Baseball Home Stretch

The best-laid plans of fantasy baseball players will often go awry. 

Because of MLB's long season and amount available data, baseball requires more skill and less luck than fantasy football, its more popular cousin. Yet even expert gamers must realize that most outcomes are out of their control.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 19

So this is why everyone preaches patience when drafting closers.

"Don't draft a relief pitcher early" has become fantasy baseball's slightly less stern version of "Never take a kicker until the final round." They're at the mercy of a manager's ideologies and his team producing save opportunities. 

Also, closers change all the time.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 18

Fantasy baseball's biggest Major League Baseball trade deadline winner isn't eligible for waiver-wire recognition.


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