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San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

Jim Davenport, Former Giants Player and Manager, Dies at Age 82

Former San Francisco Giants infielder and manager Jim Davenport died on Thursday night at the age of 82. 

The Giants released a statement about Davenport's death on Twitter:  

As the Giants' statement on Davenport's passing noted, he spent most of his life with the franchise after beginning his Major League Baseball career as a player in 1958. 

SF Giants Are Ready for More Even-Year Magic in 2016

The look on Bruce Bochy's face made it clear this wasn't the first time he was hearing the phrase "even-year magic." Heck, since leading the San Francisco Giants to the first of three straight even-year World Series titles in 2010, the veteran skipper has probably heard it a million times.

And he now seems prepared to hear it a million more times in 2016.

Can Giants Breakout Star Matt Duffy Avoid the Dreaded Sophomore Slump?

In real life, Matt Duffy came out of Long Beach, California. But in 2015, he might as well have come out of Nowhere, USA.

SF Giants Are Just One Slugger Away from Big-Time NL Threat Status

The San Francisco Giants' offseason shopping spree is almost certainly over. After adding outfielder Denard Span and a pair of starting pitchers in Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto, the club has plugged its most glaring holes.

Denard Span Signing Is Savvy Impact Move in Otherwise Splashy Giants Offseason

Denard Span isn't Yoenis Cespedes or Justin Upton. So if you were a San Francisco Giants fan hoping for another top-shelf addition in what has been a splashy offseason, perhaps Span's signingfirst reported by CBS Sports' Jon Heymanleaves you feeling underwhelmed. 

Giants Should Cement All-in Winter with Outfield Star Like Cespedes or CarGo

The San Francisco Giants plunged into the offseason with two clear and pressing needs: upgrades in the starting rotation and reinforcements in the outfield.

The signings of Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto equal mission accomplished on item one. 

Madison Bumgarner-Johnny Cueto Duo Can Be Best of Giants' Title Era

It's an even year, San Francisco Giants fans. And that means—well, here's the thing. You want honesty?

It means nothing.

There is no mystical energy that binds the galaxy together and decrees the Giants must hoist a Commissioner's Trophy in 2016. Yes, they won titles in 2010, 2012 and 2014. That's a fascinating numerical anomaly, but it's not a harbinger of things to come.

Johnny Cueto's Top Quotes from Introductory Press Conference with Giants

Knowing that they are a safe bet to win the 2016 World Series given their recent history in even years, the San Francisco Giants took steps to ensure a fourth title in seven seasons by signing Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto Could Put Giants' Pitching Staff Back Among MLB's Best

At best, Johnny Cueto for six years and $130 million gives the San Francisco Giants the bargain of the winter.

Johnny Cueto to Giants: Latest Contract Details, Comments, Reaction

Following an eventful 2015 in which he won a World Series with the Kansas City Royals after being traded by the Cincinnati Reds in July, Johnny Cueto is on the move once again, as he agreed to terms on a deal with the San Francisco Giants.


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