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Bleacher Report's 2016 World Series Awards

The better team won.

After all the talk of curses and droughts, and all the angst about which manager shouldn't have used which pitcher at which point, it came down to simple baseball logic. The Chicago Cubs had more dependable starting pitchers and more productive stars.

They have the World Series title they deserve, and they have a more-than-memorable Game 7 to talk about for the next 108 years.

And here at Bleacher Report, we have World Series awards I started working on Sunday, when the Cleveland Indians had a 3-1 series lead. As you might imagine, it looked a little different then.

It changed Sunday night when the Cubs won Game 5. It changed even more when they won Game 6 Tuesday. And it changed two or three more times over the course of a Game 7 that began Wednesday night and ended after midnight Cleveland time Thursday morning.

It won't change again, because after a baseball season that went the distance and then some, the Cubs have ended a legendary drought that went the distance and then some.

It's safe now, I think, so here are Bleacher Report's 2016 World Series awards.

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