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World Series

World Series

Cubs Parade 2016: Celebration Schedule, Live Stream, Route and Players to Watch

There might not be another celebration quite like what we are expecting out of the Chicago Cubs and their fans after 108 years of waiting.

The Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908 Wednesday night. Two days later, they will take part in a parade that will likely only be a continuation of a full week of parties.

Longtime fan Bill Murray is certainly looking forward to it, per MLB Network:

The Wait Goes on for the Cleveland Indians: 'I Don't Think It'll Take 108 Years'

The day Mike Hargrove was traded to the Cleveland Indians, the team was 8.5 games out of first place and the drought was 31 years old. It was 1979, and while no one thought of the Indians as winners, there were many other cities and organizations that had waited much longer since last winning a World Series.

Historic Cubs-Indians World Series Moves MLB From Fading Pastime to Spotlight

If MLB locked 1,000 screenwriters with 1,000 typewriters in a room for 1,000 days, they couldn't have conjured a better storyline for the 2016 World Series.

The game's two longest suffering franchises. A galaxy of young stars on both sides. Montages of weathered knuckles and weary eyes and vintage Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians gear wistfully narrated by Bryan Cranston. 

World Series 2016: Biggest Offseason Questions for Cubs and Indians

An epic 2016 World Series ended with one of the most memorable games in recent baseball history. The Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year championship drought with an 8-7, 10-inning win over the Cleveland Indians in Game 7.

World Series 2016: Cubs Trophy Celebration Highlights, Comments and More

The Chicago Cubs and their diehard fans enjoyed a celebration befitting the long-awaited end of the team's 108-year championship drought early Thursday morning as the team completed a memorable World Series comeback by defeating the Cleveland Indians on the road in Game 7.

Bleacher Report's 2016 World Series Awards

The better team won.

After all the talk of curses and droughts, and all the angst about which manager shouldn't have used which pitcher at which point, it came down to simple baseball logic. The Chicago Cubs had more dependable starting pitchers and more productive stars.

They have the World Series title they deserve, and they have a more-than-memorable Game 7 to talk about for the next 108 years.

Rain Delay Speech Helps End Drought as Chicago Cubs Win Historic World Series

CLEVELAND — Into the droughts fell the rain. Seventh game of the World Series, nine innings completed, the score 6-6 and, of course. This Fall Classic would not nearly be large enough to contain the 108 years the Chicago Cubs had gone since their last title and the 68 years for the Cleveland Indians. It couldn't be. We should have seen this coming.

Cubs' Championship Heroics Rescue Chapman, Maddon from World Series Goat Status

You can exhale, Chicago Cubs fans. It finally happened.

After 108 years of waiting, you watched your team storm the field and hoist a trophy. You watched the Cubbies win the final game of the postseason 8-7 Wednesday night at Progressive Field.

You did not have to wait until next year.

Ben Zobrist Wins 2016 World Series MVP Award

Ben Zobrist has been named Most Valuable Player of the 2016 World Series while helping the Chicago Cubs secure their first title since 1908.

The outfielder had the game-winning RBI double in the 10th inning of the dramatic Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians.

Cubs vs. Indians: Game 7 Score and Twitter Reaction from 2016 World Series

There was the billy goat. Then there was the black cat. Then Steve Bartman. There was more than a century of gross mismanagement, poor ownership and heartbreak.


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