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Chicago Sports

Chicago Sports

Chicago Cubs Expectations Based On Surplus Of Talent and Not 100 Years Of Losing

For years Cubs expectations have been based on them being overdue to win a championship. We've all heard this phrase, "It's been 90+ years and the Cubs MUST win a championship this year." 

For the record, it's now a 100+ years but the Cubs are expected to play deep into October because they're one of the most talented teams in all of baseball.  The expectations have nothing to do with their World Series drought. 

The Chicago Cubs Found a Gem in Rule Five Draft

When I say the name David Patton, you probably immediately think of the former New England Patriots wide receiver, or maybe the last name elicits the former United States Army General about whom a great movie was made starring George C. Scott.

It might not be long before fans of the Chicago Cubs think of someone new.

In this winter's Rule V Draft, the Cubs selected a right-handed relief pitcher by that name, and he's having one heck of a spring in Arizona.

The Marshall Plan: Applauding Cubs' Choice for Fifth Starter

Chicago Cubs Manager Lou Piniella officially named Sean Marshall the team's fifth starter, and I'm a big fan of the move.

Looking back over the past few years, the National League Central has had issues against lefties almost across the board. Andy Pettite had success in Houston, CC Sabathia was a beast last year while being rented by the Brewers, and the Cubs' Ted Lilly has had stellar success while with the team.

Finally Lou Piniella Gets It, Start Fontenot

On March 15, Cubs skipper Lou Piniella told reporters that the Cubs second base position is Mike Fontenot's to lose. What? Fontenot a starter? Its about time that Pineilla got it right. Fontenot has shown that he can hit when called upon, and he will make Cubs forget about the loss of Mark DeRosa.

Looking at Fontenot's numbers, mainly in spot starts and pinch hitting situations, his numbers seem incredible. In 119 games last year, Fontenot batted .305 with 42 runs, nine home runs, and 40 RBI. That is incredible for not being an everyday player. He did this all in only 243 AB's!

Come To Think Of It: A St. Patrick's Day Toast To BR's Chicago Cubs Community

As your Chicago Cubs community leader, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and to salute you, the Chicago Cubs fan. I'd also like to toast all of the terrific writers who help make this the best place to get your online Cubbie fix!

To all of you baseball fans in general, who stop by to read and comment on our articles, even though you may not be Cubs fans, this toast is for you as well.

Corey Koskie, Back in the Game

Spring training is a time when possibilities are endless.

There's room for unheralded youngsters to raise eyebrows. There's room for grizzled veterans to latch on to new teams.There's even room for those whose best days were behind them to find new life.

Case in point: Corey Koskie.

Former Minnesota Twins' third basemen Corey Koskie is hoping to latch on with the Chicago Cubs as a non-roster invitee. He's been out of baseball for two-and-a-half years with post-concussion syndrome.

This year, doctors say he's fit enough to give it a go.

Alfonso Soriano For Jason Bay: A Trade That Makes Sense

As a preface to this article, please read my previous article:

It was reported on Sunday evening that the Boston Red Sox and left fielder Jason Bay have been unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension, and that the Red Sox are backing away from the negotiating table.

Time for a big time trade idea!

Report: Red Sox Break Off Contract Talks With Jason Bay

ESPN is reporting that the Boston Red Sox attempts to extend the contract of left fielder Jason Bay have stalled, and the team is backing away from the negotiating table.

Now what?

Last year, when the contract situation of Manny Ramirez became one of the ugliest situations between a team and a star player in recent memory, the team traded him in a blockbuster deal that brought in Bay from Pittsburgh.

Now, with Bay's contract expiring after 2009, the team faces the same situation this coming season.

Are the Chicago Cubs Becoming the 1990s Atlanta Braves?

In the 1990s, there were very few certainties in professional sports. Other than escalating contracts and the possibility of a strike-shortened season, the only thing you knew was going to happen annually was the Atlanta Braves winning their division.

The Braves had maybe the best starting rotation of the last 30 years, headlined by Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. They brought players up through their organization, like Chipper Jones and David Justice, and mixed in quality veterans like Marquis Grissom and Terry Pendleton to create a dominating team for over ten years.

Come to Think of It: The Long and Short of The Cubs Pitching This Spring

Only 21 days left until Opening Day, Cubs fans. With the seemingly never-ending spring training in full bloom in sunny Arizona, now is a good time to examine the potential roster for the 25-man club that will go north with the team.

Today, let's take a look at the pitchers, since there is a little more uncertainty there than with the position players.


The Fifth Starter's Competition Is All But Over


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