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St. Louis Cardinals: Weekend Ups and Downs

A mixed bag this weekend.  Good stuff Saturday, but it sounds like Sunday was a doozy.

Let's hit up Saturday's game against the Astros first. Remember that I said that a good start from Joel Pineiro might get me dreaming about this team? Well, he did his part, throwing one-hit ball through four innings and striking out three.

Impressions of the WBC: Game C3—Team USA Pounds Venezuela 15-6

Venezuelan manager Luis Sojo must have known it would end like this. He must have realized that he has only three All-Star-quality pitchers on his staff. He must have known that American bats would not be quiet for long.

Yesterday in Toronto, Team USA guaranteed that they will play in the next round of the WBC with an awesome display of offense. A huge sixth inning broke the game open for the US, proving that once they got past starter Armando Galarraga, no one in the Venezuelan bullpen could shut them down.

Yankees Pound Tigers 12-3

FINAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Can the New York Yankees Win the AL East? Yes They Can, Here Are 26 Reasons Why.

This is intended as a counter argument to thoughts expressed by Mr. Todd Civin. I think his comments about the Yankee’s weaknesses are actually very thorough and obviously he did some good research, and has a very good knowledge about baseball.

However, I really think some of those comments are unfair to what can turn out to be a great Yankee’s team in 2009.

Seattle Mariners Position Race: First Base

Our previous starting first baseman, Richie Sexson, left Seattle during last season (or was forced to leave). The Mariners, with new General Manager Jack Zduriencik, brought in potential starting first baseman Mike Carp (from the Mets) and Russell Branyan (from the Brewers).

But who will be starting?

Here are the candidates:


Russell Branyan

O Canada! How Team Canada Could Win the World Baseball Classic

Newsflash: Canada has produced more athletic talent than just Wayne Gretzky.

Unfortunately for Team Canada, it landed in Pool C of the 2009 WBC. Also in Pool C are baseball powerhouses USA and Venezuela, along with that-one-country-shaped-like-a-boot-who-tried-playing-baseball-a-few-times-and-claimed-that-Mike-Piazza-guy (Italy).

What I Expect: JJ Hardy

Perhaps no Brewers player was ready for Spring Training to start as much as JJ Hardy. Hardy's name was very popular in hot stove discussions over the winter. Many people wanted Hardy traded for young pitching.

Others wanted him to move over to third base to make room for top prospect Alcides Escobar at shortstop. In the end, he will be right where he belongs in 2009, playing shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers.

New Yankee Stadium: Just Seems Wrong

Some of you will think this is just a Yankee-hating post (to the contrary, I'm surprised I don't get more grief for not hating the Yankees).

I was driving up the Harlem River Drive and looked across just seems wrong.

I can't put my finger on it, but that Stadium just seems like it should not have been built.  Maybe I'm sensing the ghosts. Maybe I'm looking at the perfectly good Stadium right next to it.

All I keep hearing is Star Trek's Guinan saying "this isn't right" and Han Solo saying, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Milwaukee Brewers: Five Things to Look Forward to in 2009

1. The Return of Yovani Gallardo

Who knows where the Brewers would have ended up in 2008 in Gallardo had been healthy. However, Gallardo missed most of the season with a torn ACL and did not return until late September.

In 2009, the Brewers will be depending on Gallardo to put up big numbers. The team no longer has the dynamic duo of CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets and the Brewers need Gallardo to show that he is indeed fit to become the Brewers new ace.


2. Prince Fielder

The WBC: Glorified Exhibition

If you're a baseball fan your probably at least checking out the World Baseball Classic. Chances are a handful of players on the MLB team you cheer for are playing in the WBC.

However, do you care more if they do well? Your country wins? Your home teams players coming out of this "exhibition," healthy is what you should really care about. This Bud Selig created monster is a disaster waiting to happen.

All it does his hurt some players development during what should be spring training, putting them in a false "big game," mentality.


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