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Joba Chamberlain Looks To Recapture His Fire Tonight Against Cincinnati

Joba Chamberlain has been hailed as the future Ace of the Yankee pitching staff. At the very least, he is considered the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera’s closer role.


Chamberlain has burst onto the scene in his first two big-league seasons, capturing the hearts of the Bronx and haunting the nightmares of the league’s hitters.


Yankees' Mystery Rookie Gets Shot at Playing Tonight

The unnamed 16-year-old rookie will have a chance to play tonight at George M. Steinbrenner Field due to last night's appeal by the New York Yankees.

The Yankees claimed it was unfair for him not to be involved in any spring training games. The league will allow the Canadian rookie to participate in two spring training games. Tonight he will start on the bench, but most likely will be placed into the lineup mid-game. He will wear No. 21 but his name will not be announced on the PA system due to MLB conditions. 

World Baseball Classic: South Africa Shows Great Improvement

Sometimes even a loss can be rewarding. South Africa may have been beaten last night by Mexico, 14-3, but they won respect as a group that is working hard to learn the game.

Team Mexico pounded out 16 hits and four home runs, two by Adrian Gonzalez, who had three hits and six RBI.

The other two Mexicans with homers, Oscar Robles and Jorge Cantu, also had three hits. Seven different pitchers were used by South Africa, one only 16 years old! They are young and they are hungry, but also inexperienced.

Angel Pagan Needs Surgery: Will He Have It or Wait?

Angel Pagan was sent to New York for an MRI on his sore elbow. It was then discovered that he has a bone spur.

If he elects to have it removed now, he will miss six to eight weeks of baseball. If he does not have the spur removed, chances are that he will not be able to play.  So, he will most likely  have the surgery and try to rejoin the team once he is recovered.

Is the WBC Good for the Mets?

The writer's block is gone (I hope). Thanks to all the great people that helped me get over it

The Mets have 16 players in the WBC.

Lots of people say they don't care about the WBC. The average American baseball fan is worried that his team star will get injured in the tournament, or that because of the WBC the players will be washed-up come August.

Has Pedro Martinez Pitched His Last Game As a Met?

As of now, future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez is a free agent. He most recently played for the New York Mets and had good years, but they were not the great seasons that the Mets expected from him.

Despite him not living up to what the Mets thought he would do, the fans loved Pedro and overwhelmed with cheers every game.

Nomar Garciaparra Juiced: No Doubt About It

Upon seeing this photo of Nomar Garciaparra in 2009, is there any doubt in your mind that his frail figure is that of a deflated post steroid using individual?

I will freely admit, during Nomar's days as a member of the Boston Red Sox, I was ignorant. I defended Nomar, and strongly disagreed with anyone who even implied that Nomar may have dabbled with performance enhancement. Nomar was everyone's favorite Red Sox player for years, and his face was the icon for the team.

In hindsight, Nomar's juicing couldn't have been more obvious.

Division Debate: Javier Vazquez Will Out-Perform Scott Olsen in 2009

As Spring Training is going on, Bleacher Report asked all the community leaders for Major League Baseball teams to write an article debating a certain question against another community leader. Here is my side of the debate, which has to do with the Braves and Nationals.

The Topic of Debate

Sorry, Yankees: Spinning Yesterday's Article into a Storybook Ending

The following is a journalistic response to yesterday's story, "The New York Yankees Won't Win and Here Are 26 Reasons Why."

Oh, I so wish I could turn back time. Maybe Sherman and Mr. Peabody can send me back to yesterday with their Way Back Machine so I can reverse all the damage I did to my super Yankee friends? Or does Bleacher Report have a "do-over" button, so I can right all my wrongs from yesterday's story?

Fantasy Baseball: What's the Meaning of Spring Training?

There's no doubt that we're all getting excited for the actual baseball season to get under way. Fantasy leagues are forming, box scores are being watched, and performances are being analyzed about every different way possible.

The problem in doing this work during the spring is that often times there is very little correlation between spring observations and regular season behavior. 


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