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What I Expect: Dave Bush

Dave Bush must be a fan of roller-coasters. I say that because that has pretty much been the path his career has taken with the Milwaukee Brewers.

He has experienced some incredible highs, as well as some very crushing lows. Through it all, Bush has persevered, and has turned into a solid Major League pitcher.

Last season was a microcosm for Bush's three years with the Brewers. He started the season 0-3, and was sent down to Triple A for a cup of coffee before injuries forced the Brewers to recall him.

News Flash: Chicago Cubs Got Nothing In Return for Jason Marquis

The Chicago Cubs acquired right-handed relief pitcher Luis Vizcaino in exchange for fifth starter Jason Marquis earlier this winter. The trade was sold to fans as the Cubs moving a high-paid veteran for bullpen depth.

Time to call bull.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Vizcaino is in danger of not coming north with the Cubs this Spring, likely making him a free agent. Is anyone really surprised?

Two-for-One MLB Previews: Texas and Cincinnati

The second part of the Two-for-One MLB Previews covers the two teams that made the most even trade of the past offseason, Texas and Cincinnati.

Past Previews: TB/SD

Current Standings

ALE: 1, Tampa Bay*, 3, 4, 5

ALC: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

ALW: 1, 2, 3, 4

Brewers Starting Rotation Projections

I saw something this on TigerTales, so though I would try it out. The projections are shown in the table below of the projected starting rotation.

Off Day for Philadelphia Phillies Gives a Chance to Analyze

With the Phillies getting a day off today today will serve as an opportunity to get a little caught up around here. I didn't post anything yesterday as I was getting caught up on some real life errands around the home, but today will be a chance to do some work on the site.

The Phillies dropped their game yesterday against the Cincinatti Reds by a score of 8-4 but the game had some good things happen for the Phillies. For starters, pun intended, Cole Hamels had his second start of the spring.

St. Louis Cardinals: Thoughts After An Off-Day

No game to talk about from yesterday, so just a few random topics for discussion.

First off, Rick Ankiel notched a 83.7 percent approval rating from 56 voters, sliding him right in between Mike Shannon and Tony La Russa. I gave him a 90 percent, because I've been a big fan of Rick's since his original time in the minors. 

A-Rod Disappoints Again

I now realize how spoiled we've been.

A-Rod helped sportsblogs coast through February.

Yesterday, A-Rod let me down.

With a pseudo-Mets team missing 16 players, there's not much to say. Sure, I could make some crap up along the lines of:

"'Kielty Should Platoon"
Or the ever-popular "Santana Elbow OK!" posts that you see everywhere.

Maybe some random Mike Pelfrey speculation would float your boat?

Nope, I'm hoping the real Mets come back soon, and that brings me back to A-Rod.

The Closer: Analyzing the Cardinals' Five Best Ninth Inning Options

With all the drama this spring over who will be starting and who is healthy, and all the other mumbo-jumbo going on with the starting rotation, it seems I had forgotten all about the real question: Who's gonna close?

"The process now," said Tony La Russa, "is to give guys appearances, make evaluations, and then sort it out at some point at the end." TLR has told the media he has narrowed his options down to five. That sounds like a lot, but a few months ago there were about a million. I'll break down his options one by one.


Milton Bradley 2009 Season Outlook for the Chicago Cubs

With age comes maturity...hopefully. At least that is what Jim Hendry and the Cubs are hoping will be the case with notorious hothead Milton Bradley.

Bradley was inked to a three-year, $30 million contract this offseason, the first multi-year contract of his career. The reason for teams' hesitance to commit? Bradley, aside from his short fuse, has battled injury after injury after injury throughout his playing days.


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Tampa Bay
Los Angeles
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