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AL West: Under Pressure


Time to go West, my friends. I don’t think we are going to find the best baseball out here this year. Lately, for some reason, the East Coast is dominating things in sports. In the NCAA’s, it was something like two or three teams from out west were one of the top four seeds, 16 overall. The only recent World Series winners from out west were the Angels and Diamondbacks, the latter's championship dating back to their Randy Johnson/Curt Schilling years.

I don’t see the trend changing this year.

Chris Ray Eyes Baltimore Orioles' Closer Role

Before being faced with a serious elbow injury, Chris Ray was locked in as the O's closer, and deservedly so. At age 24, Chris went on to post a 2.73 ERA and record 33 saves. 

It wasn't until the following season in 2007 that something peculiar began happening. 

Chris lost his dominance, but being the warrior that he is, kept on insisting nothing was wrong. Despite having discomfort in his elbow, even taking drugs to ease the swelling and null the pain, Chris still insisted he felt fine.

Early AL All-Star Team Line-up Pridictions:

Who's going to be an all-star this year?

Just making some early All-Star predictions. 

Remember, the rules call for each team to consist of 32 players, and at least one from each of the teams in the league.


C:  Joe Mauer, Twins;  Best catcher in the AL, he'll make it. 

1B: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers; Barely better than Papi, but either might be used.

2B: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sucks;  Did I type Red Sucks?  Oops!  Best 2nd Baseman in the league.

MLB Divisional Breakdown: AL Central

It's the middle of March, and spring training games are getting more competitive. Pitchers are pitching more innings, and players are starting to get back into the swing of playing Major League Baseball everyday.

Hughes Gives Minnesota Twins Their “Phil”

In cementing his place as the opening day starter for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in AAA, Phil Hughes gave the Minnesota Twins all they could handle and more.


Hughes lowered his spring ERA to an impressive 2.19, while limiting the Twins to just four base runners in 4 1/3 innings pitched.


Jeter unappreciated

Derek Jeter's range at shortstop has been scrutinized a lot in the media recently as Yankees writers are already worrisome of the Yankees' defense in 2009.  Frankly, it's pissing me off.

New York Yankees' Spring Training Analysis

Hey peoples,

It's been a minute since I wrote last. Now that there is progress in spring training we can look at what the Yankees far as you can with deceiving Spring Training numbers.

Basically, I am happy A-Rod had surgery. It is good for him, good for baseball, and good for Jeter's peace of mind, because he has been obviously angry with the press over this.

Any idiot can hear it in his replies; they are quick, biting jabs, not mad at A Rod, mad at the press for being gossip column writers instead of sports writers.

Fantasy Baseball's Slow Starters

Chicago Cubs Set To Retire No. 31 in Honor of Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins

On May 3, the Chicago Cubs will add another number to their list of those retired.

The team announced Wednesday it will retire No. 31 in honor of both Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins.

This will be the sixth flag to carry a retired number on the foul poles at Wrigley.

The others include No. 10 (Ron Santo), No. 14 (Ernie Banks), No. 23 (Ryne Sandberg), No. 26 (Billy Williams), and No. 42 (Jackie Robinson, which is retired throughout baseball).

Both Maddux and Jenkins won Cy Young Awards with the Cubs, with Jenkins winning it in 1971 and Maddux in 1992.

World Baseball Classic: More Viewers Than Boston Celtics Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The 39-game tournament that includes 16 teams expanded into other countries this year. Games were played in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Japan, and the expansion has helped even in this time of recession.

“From a ratings standpoint, from an attendance standpoint, and more importantly from an acceptance really is doing everything we hoped it would do,” MLB President Bob DuPuy said.


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